Catskill Mountains

Before heading to NYC for the week, my brother and I decided to spend a night exploring New York State. I was lucky enough to have met Simone from The Constant Wanderings when she was living in Melbourne. Her website is a place for travellers to share their stories, memories and photography. It was obvious for me to seek her advice. So I asked, if she had a night to explore New York State, where would she go?

When she got back to me, I had no knowledge of this place or the location where we would bunk up for the night. This added to my excitement, as not knowing where it was, meant for me it was a road less travelled. So there we were, heading north in a Dodge Charger, away from JFK international, with the NYC skyline at our backs. It wasn't until about an hour into the drive that we started to see our surrounds change. 

We drove up state towards Phoenicia (pronounced: " pho - knee - sha "), through the small towns with foliage scattered around like confetti. There were moments along the road, where the mountains would roll into one another, the colours, so vibrant, spilling out all over the landscape. The cloud cover was thick, but did little to spoil the visuals or dampen the hues.

For me, this is a place I could have spent so much more time, walking through the thick forests, seeking out bears and searching for the perfect image. For many others, they may venture here for the Ski resorts come Fall, or the hiking and water sport opportunities in the Summertime. It seemed as though there wasn't much this place didn't have to offer.

So for two full days, we drove, we walked, we hiked and explored. We ate ourselves silly at the Phoenicia Diner, walked through the infamous Woodstock and spent a relaxing evening at the trendy Graham & Co. 

The drive back to NYC was quiet, filled with reflection and a sense of the sublime. Until next time Catskills...